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This weekend, Wildlife Revolution organized a photo shoot for the promotion of our first t-shirts!

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World Rhino Day


This is one of the many reasons why we must put an end to speciesism. Recognizing animals as sentient beings rather than market values would greatly help their protection.
Cancer has never been healed thanks to rhino horns. This is a myth. A myth that could cause the disappearance of the rhinos. Some rhinoceros species have already disappeared.



New petition for lions protection in South Africa

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Awareness campaign in Africa and Asia

Wildlife Revolution has decided to launch a campaign to raise awareness and awareness among disadvantaged children about the problems of ecology, waste reduction, plastic abandonment, respect for animals and the preservation of species.

Indeed, it seems urgent to us to do something for our planet. The climate is warming up, waste accumulates, killing many animals and damaging the environment, animal species are disappearing at a frightening speed.

Poor children often do not have access to education, which seems to us to be an important part of the problem. So we decided to intervene and offer educational books and games for disadvantaged children in Africa and Asia.

This campaign is a major campaign. We are therefore looking for financial partners and / or carriers interested in participating in this campaign.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to write us!


Come visit us at Veggie World Brussels!

On 17 and 18 November, Wildlife Revolution is waiting for you at the Veggie World in Brussels at Tour et Taxis! Come meet our team and discover the goodies planned for the occasion. Calendars, postcards,…

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