Wildlife Revolution, another charity for the protection of animals.

Yes! But not only!
Wildlife Revolution is distinguished by its mode of operation.
First of all, being ourselves donors and supporters of good causes, we have all wondered how our donations really were used. Has our money been used for a rescue operation?To pay a marketing campaign? The salary of one of the employers? Office supplies?

Surely a little bit of all that but it’s still very vague.

Wildlife Revolution offers you to choose what you finance.


Indeed, the projects that we currently support are presented on our site. During the donation, you can choose the project that is closest to your heart, which seems to you most urgent, … If you make a simple donation, this money will be used for the expenses related to our activities: to pay the Internet hosting, advertising, … etc.


Wildlife Revolution is a bit like a crowdfunding platform.



You can contact us and explain your problem in the field of animal conservation. We will create a file, advise you, and explain the various options available to you. Your project will then be published online to collect the money that will help you and we will follow you until the realization of your project.
These projects can be varied in nature. It can be the organization and the financing of a relocation of a herd, the financing of fences, ranger materials, … All that allows to ensure the protection and the well-being of wild animals.