Wildlife Revolution is a very young ngo created by a small group of people from Charleroi, Belgium. Added to this is a cell in India, a strategic location in the field of animal conservation.
We have all invested ourselves in many conservation projects, gaining experience in animal care, relocation of animals, census of populations, … in Africa and Asia. This has obviously allowed us to expand our network, a key strategic point in achieving our current goals.


Graduate in communication and graphic design, Céline involved herself for many years in conservation projects around the world before becoming a veterinary assistant specializing in wild animals and studying mammal and reptile survey techniques and management human / animal conflicts at Oxford University. Her desire to change things led her to create this ngo. However, Céline does not intend to stop her volunteer activities abroad.


Becoming a vegetarian at age 60 following an awareness initiated by his daughter, Michel decided to embark on this adventure, convinced of the urgency to protect our environment. It contributes to the a.s.b.l. by taking care of accounting and creating patterns for our t-shirts.


Abhinay is our contact in India. First graduated in international business and marketing, Abhinay, passionate about nature, volunteered in an elephant refuge before joining the environmental unit in the Indian Government.