Wildlife Revolution is a young n.p.o. aiming to protect animals, find solutions to human / animal conflicts and fight poaching around the world.

We consider animals as individuals, beings endowed with sensitivity, intelligence, …

Indeed, we consider that the species of an individual is not a relevant criterion for determining how it should be treated. A life is a life.

We are against animal exploitation in all its forms.
Because of this, our organisation proposes to help any structure, large or small, to finance rescue and animal protection projects:
-Relocation of animals
-Ranger equipment, surveillance drones
-Cares to wounded animals, orphans, …
– Awareness days in schools on topics of animal respect, ecology, waste reduction, …
-Etc, …

In terms of conservation

For having participated in many conservation projects, what marked us most is to learn that most of the conversationists and therefore NGOs are pro hunting. In fact, they justify this position by the fact that the money given by hunters to obtain their license, etc., is partly reintroduced into conservation. Killing a leopard would help save others. This explains the total silence of NGOs in scandals such as the death of Cecil the lion killed by an American dentist few years ago.

It is indeed an understandable economic logic. However, these practices are in total opposition to our principles and beliefs.

We do not criticize the work of other NGOs. Despite this divergence of position, we respect and recognize their work and their results.

We simply aspire to elevate the status of animals and to their recognition, no longer as “market value” but as living beings endowed with intelligence and sensitivity. Who are we to decide the death of an animal for the benefit of some others?